The government has made a big announcement about the industry

Corona virus is increasing day by day in Gujarat. For the last 25 days, the industry has been stagnant, including due to corona. Lockdown 2.0 is running across the country to stop Corona. Meanwhile, the government is making several efforts to provide relief to the people. Even today the government has made some advertisements.

Chief Minister’s secretary Ashwini Kumar informed that tomorrow only industries outside the urban area will be allowed, and no industries in the urban areas will be allowed. Industries located outside the urban areas will be given phased approval. The work of the secretariat staff will start tomorrow but employees will not be called to Ahmednagar from Ahmedabad.

He added that the workers have been allowed 12 hours shift and have to pay wages accordingly. Workers have to break 30 minutes at the end of 6 hours. While women workers will not be allowed to work overnight shifts. Women cannot be kept in shift from 7am to 6am in the evening.

“There will be some concessions in the lockdown from April 20,” Aschini Kumar said. Notification has been issued for this by the Labor and Employment Department of the state.

Relief of the drivers

During the lockdown, police seized several vehicles breaking the law. These vehicles have to pay a fine to be released again. Then the state government has also given relief to such people. Those who go to get their two-wheeler or three-wheeler will have to pay only Rs 500 as compounding fee. Vehicles larger than this will have to pay Rs 1000. There will be no payment other than this