Samagr shixa Abhiyan Cluster Rationalisation Babat Latest Paripatra Date 8-1-2019

Samagr shixa Abhiyan Cluster Rationalisation Babat Latest Paripatra Date 8-1-2019
A holistic approach to education
Single Scheme for the School Education Sector from Classes I to XII- an extension of interventions to the senior secondary stage.
Treat school education holistically as a continuum from Pre-school to Class 12
Supporting States to initiate pre-primary education
The inclusion of senior secondary levels and pre-school levels in support for School education for the first time

Administrative reform

Single and unified administrative structure leading to harmonized implementation
Flexibility to States to prioritize their interventions under the Scheme
An integrated administration looking at ‘school’ as a continuum
Enhanced Funding for Education
The budget has been enhanced.
Learning outcomes and steps taken for quality improvement will be the basis for allocation of grants under the Scheme.

Focus on Quality of Education

Emphasis on improvement of Learning Outcomes
Enhanced Capacity Building of Teachers
Focus on strengthening Teacher Education Institutions like SCERTs and DIETs to improve the quality of prospective teachers in the system
SCERT to be the nodal institution for in-service and pre-service teacher training – will make training dynamic and need-based.
Key focus on quality education emphasizing the capacity building of teachers in online and offline mode as well as a strengthening of Teacher Education Institutions SCERT/DIET/BRC/CRC/CTEs/IASEs.
Annual Grant per school for a strengthening of Libraries
Almost 1 million schools to be given the library grant.
Enhanced focus on improving quality of education by a focus on the two T’s – Teachers and Technology
Outcome-oriented allocation of resources